How to download videos from Twitter

Twitter is one of the platforms where a lot of great video content is shared. However, Twitter itself does not provide the ability to download videos. Nonetheless, if you know how to download and save videos, you can easily keep the content you want.

Use Online Twitter Video Downloader

There are various online tools and websites available on the Internet that can help you download Twitter videos easily. The general steps are:

  • Find the video Tweet you want on Twitter.
  • Copy the URL of the video tweet.
  • Visit the online Twitter video downloader website.
  • Paste the URL from the website and click the download button.
  • Select the video quality you want to download, then save the video to your computer.

Use a video download app

Another way is to use a special app to download Twitter videos. Several apps work on both iOS and Android operating systems and make downloading Twitter videos simple. Be mindful of your privacy and security when installing and using these apps. 트위터 동영상 다운로드

Use browser extensions

Some browsers have extensions that allow you to download Twitter videos. Once you install it, you can download Twitter videos directly from your browser.


When downloading Twitter videos, you must comply with copyright and usage rules. Unauthorized redistribution or commercial use of downloaded content may be illegal and may infringe the rights of the copyright holder. It is important that you always use downloaded content for personal use only.

Now you know several ways to download Twitter videos. Always follow the law when downloading, and choose and use appropriate tools and apps.

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